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Departure of Directors or Certain


Executive Compensation

On October15, 2015, the Board of Directors (the Board) of Flextronics International Ltd. (Flex) approved the grant of profits interests in its majority-owned subsidiary, Elementum Holding Ltd (Holdco), to each of Michael M. McNamara, Flexs Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board, Christopher Collier, Flexs Chief Financial Officer, and Franois Barbier, Flexs President, Global Operations and Components. Flex owns substantially all of the equity in Holdco, which is in turn a significant shareholder of Elementum SCM (Cayman)Ltd (Elementum), along with other investors that are not affiliated with Flex.

Flex believes that its investment in Elementum represents a significant value creation opportunity for sharehold ers. The profits interest grants are intended to provide incentives for Flex recipients to drive Elementums success. Because the growth and success of Elementum could have positive implications for Flex as a whole, Flex believes that it is important to leverage the experience and expertise of its own officers to support Elementums success. Flex also believes that its overall compensation plans provide a...