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Love Prada Bag? Gotta Love the Stock too!

According to Credit Suisse research, Prada stock could realize an upside of as much as 35% in the next 12 month with the price target of 82 HK dollar. This is due to improving fundamentals and emerging consumer trends globally. The research conducted by the bank also showed that Prada’s handbag is particularly desired by Russians! Prada revenue growth will be continued to be driven by its superior market position in BRIC countries. And currently, it is a good time to buy as the stock is still undervalued. So your dream of owning one of Prada bags could be achieved if you can catch the stock’s upside!

Along with Prada stock, another recommended luxury stock is Ralph Lauren. The analyst estimates that the stock could earn up to 15% in the next year. With the company’s effort to penetrate into European and Asian market, it will realized a high single digit growth plus  a long term margin expansion toward 20%.