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Elon Musk says we will eventually need “universal income” because, well, he’s not saying it’s robots…but it’s robots

Entrepreneur Elon Musk thinks we’ll eventually need a basic universal income because of “automation.”

“People will have time to do other things, more complex things, more interesting things,” he told CNBC. “Certainly more leisure time. And then we gotta figure how we integrate with a world and future with a vast AI.”

“Ultimately, I think there has to be some improved symbiosis with digital super intelligence,” the Tesla CEO said.

This can be done by big money people, or at least people who benefit from the global economy. Set up an investment company. The company operates a bit like a for-profit, I’m not sure there is a non-profit designation. Basically the company hires people displaced by automation, people who will never upgrade their skills, etc. They get paid a weekly sum from the investment profits. As more funds are donated more people can be hired. What do these employees do? Doesn’t matter. But they are off of public assistance and nobody makes stupid rules like “no tuna because poor people shouldn’t buying crab” like politicians do with food stamps in some states. It’s being paid for by the very thing that pushed them out of the workforce.

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while but I am thinking I would need someone with a securities license to help get it off the ground. And we’d need to have a few deep pockets to build a credible entity that could support at least a handful of people early on.

We don’t need to wait for legislators to approve anything. A government program would be more efficient and truly universal but helping just even a handful of people is better than nothing.