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Is It Time To Take Some Apple Profits Off The Table?

It seems that Apple (AAPL) can do no wrong. The stock is up 74% in the past year, due to the huge success of the iPhone 6. Apple has made huge advances geographically as well. Its budding partnership with China Mobile (CHL), the biggest wireless carrier in the world with more than 750 million customers, is only just beginning. And, investors are eagerly awaiting Apple’s new product launches this year, including the Apple Watch and a possible television.

But underneath all this, nobody has suggested selling Apple. This might seem like sacrilege, but in times of universal bullishness, investors are often caught off guard. While it’s hard to fight the Apple hype, there’s at least a chance that the Apple Watch could be a flop, or that competition in the smart phone space can steal market share. With such huge gains, it may not be a bad idea to take some profits off the table.