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"Give Everyone A Check For $10 Million, It Will Create Inflation": Albert Edwards First TV Interview In 20 Years

In his first TV interview in 20 years, SocGen's Albert Edwards unleashes his brutal honesty on Raoul Pal in this excellent RealVisionTV discussion. From "what Japan is doing is absolutely off the scale," warnings about money-printing to the awkward reality that "policy makers cannot eliminate the business cycle," warnings instead that "they will make the eventual downturn far worse than it otherwise would be..." Edwards' discussion ranges from the UK and US "choosing lunatic policies" to describing Alan Greenspan as "a prospective economic war criminal," the SocGen strategist concludes, rather ominously, if policy-makers keep handing out free money, it will create massive problems, "there is a trigger point where you can create inflation. I don't know where that is. The central banks don't know where that is."

Some additional soundbites of note:

"The skill and the secret I found was being able to hang on to your job by not annoying the clients so much that they ask the head of research to boot you out…and that being the greatest skill I’ve acquired over the years!”


“I think the pinnacle was when the “Maestro” book came out about Alan Greenspan…and at the same time I was writing that he was a prospective economic war criminal for what he was doing”


“If you give everyone a cheque for $1m, $2m, $10M…it will create inflation. There is a trigger point where you can create inflation. I odnt know where that is. The central banks dont know where that is.”


“Pepe Grillo was quote as saying, we are not at war with Russia or ISIS, we are at war with the ECB scum”.


“The policy makers cannot eliminate the business cycle…they will make the eventual downturn far worse than it otherwise would be…


“I think a part of the problem has been appointing academics to the head of the central banks…Academics have great certainty of view, that their view of the world… their models are correct and that everyone else is an idiot”.


“What Greenspan did was quite clear… it was midnight and everyone wanted to go home, he bolted the doors and he was forcing peoples heads in to the punch bowl!”


“If there is any economy where its going to go horribly, horribly wrong…it is Turkey”


“I think German ends up in the deepest recession in the Eurozone”


“What happened in the Eurozone was large extent not of their own making….if you are locked into this monetary regime you are locked into the wrong monetary polciy…but the UK and US chose these lunatic policies”

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Source: RealVisionTV

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