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Holder has never requested to meet with the Company, nor has the Company ever met with Holder. Holders first contact with the Company occurred in July 2015. At that time, without any prior communication with the Company or management, Holder sent the Company a letter accusing the Board of unspecified acts of misconduct and demanding to inspect certain books and records of the Company.

Management of the Company immediately attempted to engage in a dialogue with Holder. Over the next several weeks, the Company exchanged several letters and phone calls with Holders counsel in an attempt to understand his concerns, why he was requesting the documents and what he intended to do with the documents. Holders counsel represented that Holder owned more than 3% and less than 5% of the C ompany. The Company had no record of Holders purported ownership interest and was surprised to learn that it was not acquainted with such a purportedly significant stockholder. As a result, the Company requested that Holder provide evidence of his stock ownership. Conditioned only on receiving that proof of ownership, Mr.AlanH. Auerbach, the Companys President and Chief Executive Officer, offered to travel immediately and meet Holder face to face to discuss his concerns and any other matters regarding the Company. Holder would not provide evidence of his purported ownership interest and did not respond to the offer to meet with Mr.Auerbach. Instead, Holders counsel offered that Holder would withdraw the allegations of unspecified misconduct if Holder could see the requested documents. Again, the Company conditioned further engagement on proof of his claimed ownership interest. Again, Holder never responded and never met with Mr.Auerbach.

The next interaction with Holder was his...