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Amazon: A Good Example Here About What Analysts Get Wrong

Amazon (AMZN) stock is having another good day today, up $13.57 to close at $673.25. According to Barron's, Morgan Stanley raised the price target on the stock today to $800, based on the idea that the company's cloud computing unit was growing at a faster rate than their competitors could keep up with. 

Let me tell you why that's foolish to agree with, and pointless as an investor. The only thing that matters in the end is profits. The company can have any number of whiz-bang technological achievements, but if hey fail to earn money on those things, then they are a failure as a business, period. And the longer they fail at earning money, the more long term debt they will have to deal with as a company once they do start earning profits.

Amazon is not in the computer business. They are in the business of selling things through the mail to you. When they start turning a profit doing that, then you can get excited. Not before then.