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Emerging Markets Crisis: How the Syrian Conflict Has Upset Markets


Image Source: Forbes. 

Yesterday the both the Dow and the S&P 500 saw major losses due to the Syrian conflict. But there is still no word from the Obama administration as to what the U.S. will do. Never the less markets are reacting strongly. So far today U.S. markets has been up but emerging markets have been very volatile. Yesterday the rupee tumbled about 4%, oil prices are going out of control, spiking to $112 per barrel.

Recent news combined with improving European and American economies have lead many investors to leave emerging markets. Recently there has been a great amount of cash flowing out of emerging markets.

The Thailand economy is one of the economies hit hard by improving markets in developed countries and the Syrian Conflict. Yesterday, the main Thailand index dropped 1.4% and the currency depreciated to the US dollar.

The Indonesian currency is also depreciating against the dollar. In addition to the Syrian conflict there is also uncertainty with the political environment in India. Escalating crisis in Syria is causing major increase in oil prices and is affecting major importing countries like India.

There is a lot to look at for the next few months as the issue in Syria plays out. As we know, oil prices have a major impact on the world economy. Currently the United States produces a lot of its own energy. This might be a good argument for all who support natural gas and fracking.