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Are Stocks Cheaper Today Than Yesterday? Or More Expensive Than Tomorrow?

  • Compare today’s Market Profile distribution of Market-Maker [MM] price range forecasts for over 2500 stocks, ETFs and market indexes with Friday’s.
  • The day’s decline of over -3% with volumes more than 3 times normal, shifts both transaction prices and investor/speculator expectations for coming prices.
  • But which declined more? Did expected values, relative to market quotes rise or fall? Did upside prospects expand or shrink? How about potential downside exposures?
  • Our behavioral analysis of MM hedging daily produces anticipated likely ranges of coming prices, split into upside and downside proportions for the bulk of actively traded stocks and ETFs.
  • Those proportions are directly comparable from issue to issue, and in the aggregate provide an insight into investor thinking not available anywhere else.

Here is today's Market Profile

Your understanding of it will be aided greatly by looking at Friday's, presented here.

The few moments involved in reading it, re-reading if you saw it Friday, provide some essential descriptions.

Figure 1

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