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Former Bank CEO Goes To Jail For Miss Using Bailout Money To Buy A Condo

Darryl Layne Woods, will be calling a prison cell home very soon. The former CEO of Mainstreet Bank, in Missouri, applied for TARP money on behalf of the bank back in November 2008. Two months later in January 2009, the bank received $1,037,000 in TARP funds, and a month later Woods used $381,487 of that money to by a waterfront condo in Fort Myers, Florida.

 As a result of this Woods is no longer allowed to work in the banking industry and could face up to one year in jail for misleading the fed on their investigation about what he did with the money, and he could also be hit with a fine of up to $100,000. 

To be honest if you ask me this jerk is getting off with a slap on the wrist, they need to put dirt bags like this UNDER THE JAIL. He literally took our hard earned tax payer money and bought a condo, while he was already the head of a bank, thats as greedy as it gets. His bonus that year could have bought him that condo, but no he just had to be greedy while the rest of us at that time were just running for the hills hoping we still had money in our accounts. Enjoy your time in club fed Mr. Woods.