About Us

WhoTrades is a powerful platform for traders. WhoTrades has the following platforms and products:

  • customizable feed with the most actionable news from the market and trading ideas from market professionals trading stocks, ETFs, futures, options, currencies, REITs, commodities;
  • real-time charts section allowing traders to build their own custom chart and use it in real-time. You customize your dashboard and keep in touch with your favorite stocks;
  • Novoadvisor allows the best traders to show off their trades and get paid for it. The trader can set up his or her own subscription price and keep trading - we will live-stream the trades to users who have subscribed to a particular strategy. WhoTrades doesn't charge anything for handling the payment and live-streaming the trades to the platform.

WhoTrades's key aim is to bring value for the traders. We provide a number of services that help traders to improve their trading strategies and make the process of decision-making more native.

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